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Verification of Electronic Voice Phenomena

Below is the majority of our EVP evidence. Just because we record an event during an investigation that we believe is unexplainable, we do not immediately accept it as evidence of the paranormal. The atmosphere of an investigation invites bias among the investigators, so we have created the Evidence Verification feature. Each recording is assigned a number. Please take a moment to fill out the form at the bottom of the page for each recording. It will ask for the assigned number of the audio file you're listening to, what you hear in the recording, and if you can think of any natural explanation for it (knowing that it wasn't heard at the time and its source wasn't obvious). The EVP will only be accepted as evidence if people uninvolved in group and investigation hear the same thing in the recording and collectively have no reasonable explanation for it. If there is significant variation in what people hear, or if someone provides a reasonable explanation for the sound, that EVP will be thrown out. Thank you for your assistance in keeping paranormal investigators honest and holding us to the highest standards.

**Please note that these should be played through headphones or external speakers that include at least two channels plus bass. Most computer speakers will significantly dim or completely remove certain background sounds and frequencies from these recordings. Some EVPs below may include both an unedited file and an amplified file to listen to.**

EVP #1

EVP #2

EVP #3

EVP #4

EVP #5

EVP #6

EVP #7

EVP #8

EVP #9

EVP #10

EVP #11

EVP #12

EVP #13

EVP #14

EVP #15