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The following evidence has been examined by many people who have no connection to our group or any of its members, and subsequently accepted as unexplained. All, or the vast majority, of those who examined the evidence heard or saw the same thing, and could not provide a reasonable explanation for the event given the circumstances under which they were collected. If you'd like to discuss anything on this page further, feel free to hit the contact us button on the menu to the left. Many more pieces of evidence are still under review and can be seen under the "Evidence for Review" tab to the left.


This video was taken with an iphone. The iphone light was turned off, and there were no lights on in the building. The video was taken in pitch black, and then lightened afterward with Movie Edit Pro MX. There are three people standing along the wall in the video, though only one is visible because of their white t-shirt. The face in the second half of the video actually moves right through the middle person. Below the video are stills of the face that moves through the room.


This picture, taken at the small graveyard behind the Talbott Inn in Bardstown, KY, has a lot going on. The most striking feature is the clear image of a head and eyes peeking over the top of the left corner of the gravestone. Other unexplained features are the green streak to the left of the gravestone, the mist hanging around the man in the picture, and the way the light bulbs on the EMF meter in the picture are streaked, but not blurry. None of this was visible when the image was taken, the camera has never produced pictures with any kind of technical anomalies before or since, and pictures taken from the exact same location at the same time of day have not reproduced the effects. In this picture, the EMF detector is also detecting unexplained spikes in EMF in the open air.



This EVP was picked up at a residential home, a few minutes after the end of an EVP session. The last question of the session was to ask for the spirit's name. We left the cameras and recorders running to pick up this recording a few minutes later. The accompanying video showed that only two people were in the room, both of whom can be heard speaking behind the much louder, unexplained voice. It's also obviously a child's voice, though there were no children in the house. Despite the fact that two recorders and a video camera were in the same immediate area, only one recorder picked up this voice. It has been unanimously agreed among people who were both present and completely uninvolved that the voice says "Lucas." The file has not been edited at all.

This EVP was picked up at The Ghost Hunter Shop in Lexington, KY, the same location as the video above. Both those who were present and those who were uninvolved have unanimously agreed it says "Jacob." The part of the recording with the unexplained voice has been slightly amplified. This only makes the file louder, but does not alter the sound otherwise.

"Do you remember how electrical currents and unseen waves were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy." – Albert Einstein